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"we drink mushroom tea and we drink
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The legend of Elvish Presley began in Michigan...where the last of the dying race of elves intermarried with human folk. There grew a tender sapling of a boy named Thomas Blunderbuck. He grew up in a human home but found his roots in the forest. He learned songs from the birds, the paths of the forests from the deer, and wisdom by smoking weeds and herbs that grew in the earth. His first musical instrument was a flute that he carved from the thigh bone of a wolf. He then discovered the electric


guitar, and began writing and singing songs culled from his experiences as a young child. His first recording is called The Elf-P. The beginings of his style are boldly evident in this first recording. In 2001, the year after the New Millenium, he was ready to take his vision to the world. He assembled a band of musicians from the Massive Distribution stable, made huge colorful props and sets, stitched together some tight clothing and leather thongs, and took to the road. Elvish Presley was born, and the cement roots of the tangled and distorted citites that they played shook beneath the


power of the Elf and his friends. After tour he quietly retired to the foothills to live out the rest of his life.
But then........feeling the desperation of the worlds inhabitants and his fans, he decided to come back and give the earth a little more of his knowledge. Thus began the Black Elf Speaks. He re-assembled his band with the addition of two powerful women ...and using native american and early 60's hippy folklore, explored the concept the earth's individual and collective Creation Stories. Once again, the concrete jungles felt the awesome power of the elf and people all over began to turn on to the power of nature and the earlier experiences of human kind on this planet

Thurs 3 Augusta, GA @ Hangnail Gallery w/ Rippit
Friday 4 Atlanta, GA @ Lenny's w/Rippit & Tenth
to the Moon
Sat 5 Ashville N.C. @ Vincents Ear w/Rippit and Melted Men
Sun 6 Wash D.C. @ Velvet Lounge w/Rippit
Mon 7 Baltimore MD @ Tarantula Hill w/Rippit
Tues 8
Wens 9 NYC @ North Six w/Rippit
Thurs 10 Providence RI @ Dirt Palace w/Rippit
Fri 11 Boston MA @ Mass Art w/ Rippit
Sat 12 NYC @ Exile party style w/ Rippit
Sun 20 redwood forrest
Mon 21 SF. @ Kimo's w/?
Tues 22 Oakland 40th street werehouse
Wens 23 SF. Public access TV show
Thurs 24 Santa Cruz w/ the low down tba house party
Friday25 LA @ the smell w/lowdown
Sat 26 LA @ echo. w/urethra franklin, TV. sherrif and koonda holaa and the beethces
Sun 27 Tucson (working on)Mon 28 Albquerqui. confrimed
For half the tour, French noise artist Nyko Esterle aka Ripit will be travelling with the Elf Crew. He is touring with support from Radon Records, home of such artists as Koonda Holaa and the Beetches, and Sikhara. For more on Rippit and Radon go to www.radonstudio.com Sun 13 Pittsburg @ Garfield Artworks w/Dysrhthmia and Technician & Rippit
Mon 14 Chicago @ Firside Bowl w/Prodigal Son, Pod Blatz, & Rippit
Tues 15 Omaha NE. @ public eyesore
Wens 16 Camping or Lincoln NE or Denver show
Thurs 17 maybee Denver, maybee Boise
Friday 18 maybee peyote, maybee...
Sat 19 Portland OR @ Jasmine Tree w/ Steve McKay and Rippit
Tues 29 Amarillo TX, Green House punk park affair w/radio DJ
Wens 30 Oklahoma City @ trainhoppers
Thurs 31 Tulsa hollween party with Jon-Paul
Fri 1
Sat 2 Nashville
Sun 3 Winston-Selem @ ps 211, (221 e. 3rd st.)
Mon 4 Charlottesvill VA @ Tokyo Rose... END!!!!!